The Donald Thump of MP3 Sunglasses Have Arrived [cheap oakley sunglas]06/06/2013 9.00.23
There have been some great introductions of technology in the past,cheap oakley sunglasses but the Oakley Thumps have to be one technological creation that really takes eyewear to the next level.
Be sure that when Oakley comes out with a new sunglass product, they go above and beyond most expectations, and in my eyes, these are the Donald humps? of the introduction of entertaining in eyewear industry. What next, music downloads stations at your local bus stops? (You read it here first)
If you love to listen to your favorite music tunes while biking, hiking, or participating in any other activity in the outdoors, we believe that the digital Thumps are just what the digital doctor ordered!
Imagine the benefits, and the freedom the Thump eyewear provide for you. Theye not only a lightweight and fully integrated music eyewear, but also a quality pair of O Matter frame sunglasses, offering their patented XYZ lens technology for optimum clarity and vision protection.
Oakley Thump Sunglasses! Quality Vision That Music To My Ears!
Normally when you see new electronic innovations such as digital music being incorporated into a pair of eyewear, you would normally think that one particular item is compromised over the
other. In the case of Oakley eyewear, there are no compromising features.
Added to their state of the art lenses is a digital music player with mini speakers mounted to Oakley sunglass frame. These miniature extendible booms (headphones) are enhanced with pivots that allow you to adjust the speaker position for the best ear placement.
This feature is also beneficial when you have to quickly remove them without having to take your glasses off. The convenience goes one step further, and if you happen to be in low light conditions, all you have to do is take advantage of the flip lens feature.
Thumps eyewear technology allows you to play MP3, WMA, and WAV file formats, and they come in 128MB, 256MB, and just recently released 1GB, which we will touch on later! The song file transfer is easy, and only requires a simple drag drop procedure that is normally done in your favorite computer software programs.
With the introduction of the HUMP2? which offers you a large storage of 1GB of flash memory, you can easily download approximately 240 songs with a gigabyte of skip free memory, WOW!
I Want A Pair Of These Digital Sunglasses, But What The Cost?
Digital eyewear obviously is a fairly new concept, and the fact that Oakley is one of the only top producers of the digital Thump, you know that the price will be reflected by this reason alone. However, when you break it down, Oakley glasses have always been a highticket item. For many individuals that have purchased a pair of Oakley sunglasses in the past know this fact.
On average for a pair of their shades, the price range will be in the hundreds of dollars. Oakley has committed to their pricing strategy, because they truly offer one of the best protective eyewear in the world, and they don skimp on quality materials. Now add a stateoftheart digital MP3 player, and you will be wearing Oakley vision in one package.
I sure youe thinking that they will be far out of reach in price, but you may be pleasantly surprised! On average a top quality MP3 player of 128MB or higher can easily run around $200. 00 or more,Fake oakleys so when you combine these features to Oakley sunglasses, and find out that the price ranges from $250. 00 to $450. 00, overall that not a bad price.
Of course if the cost is still a bit steep for most of you, keep in mind that the integrated technology introduced is in the early stage, and wearing Thumps right now is more of a status for the people that can spend the money. Just like many electronic devices, as production increases in volume and the demand starts to taper off, we will hopefully see the prices come down, but don expect this to happen to soon.
If youe in the market for an MP3 player, and you happen to need a good quality pair of sunglasses, don hesitate to check out where to find these Thump glasses. Who knows, if you were good this year, they may be on your Christmas list!

Reasons to Choose Bolle Sunglasses [Brand]06/06/2013 5.53.35
All Bolle Sunglasses lenses are created to exceed the industry standard with 100% UVA/UVB oakley sunglasses
Bolle Sunglasses polarization is embedded in the lens, this fights extreme glare and reflections, enhancing visual acuity.
Bolle Sunglasses p3 technology provides high performance in a polycarbonate, polarized lens which is the ultimate in lens technology.
Providing superior scratch resistance, Bolle Sunglasses carboglass coating is applied to both sides of the lens, this coating provides superior scratch resistance.
Bolle Sunglasses polycarbonate(PC)lenses are ultralightweight and virtually shatterproof. Bolle Sunglasses premium grade plastic resin lens is 20 times more impact resistant than glass and onethird of the weight.
The Bolle Sunglasses competivision lens act like a filter, carefully muting all color except yellow, perfect for tennis. The Eaglevision lens on the golf Bolle Sunglasses are the preferred lens among golf pros. Marine Sunglasses are all polarized, making them the perfect eyewear for water sports.oakley sale
Over 100 years of sports eyewear innovation is seamlessly integrated into ever pair of Bolle sunglasses. Many athletics accept no substitution for the fit, form and function of Bolle authentic performance technology.

What Are Designer Sunglasses [Oakley Sunglasses]06/06/2013 5.19.08
It's important you wear good quality sunglasses not just in the sun,Cheap Oakley Sunglasses but if you are in the water or snow where light is stronger due to reflection and glare. Calvin Klein CK975S, Calvin Klein CK974S, and Calvin Klein CK7701S some of the fullrimmed Calvin Klein Sunglasses you can choose from. If you are shopping for a new pair, make sure you verify that they provide adequate UV ray protection for your eyes. Most of the authentic Bvlgari Sunglasses are modern, trendy, and forwardlooking, with creative spirit. If you want to try on some popular ones then Dolce Coach, Emporio Armani and many other such luxurious brands are there for you.
Gucci is known for its eyewear collection and is defined by its strong personality and style working with distinctiveness. Famous designer house offers to the celebrities so that people get inspired on seeing them on their favorite celebrity and buy these expensive luxuries including designer sunglasses. With that said, here are 3 tips to helping you buy designer shades for women. First Lady Michelle Obama and President Barack Obama paid a visit to Sidwell Friends school today to drop off Sasha Obama. This week Ollie bought out Villager Sunglasses and is passing the savings along to thrifty shoppers.
The border shouldn't get in the way of your field of dream. fighter pilots that were modeled on the "oblique teardrop" shape of these early flying goggles. Manufactured at first with green mineral glass designed to filter out infrared and ultraviolet rays, by 1962 plastic and impactresistant lenses were introduced. Discount sunglasses can be a cool and stylish fashion accessory, but be cautious of wearing them constantly if the UV protection is not of an accepted standard; numerous very cheap sunglasses do not give your eyes as much UV protection as other costly pairs can. fighter pilots free of charge and became enormously popular due to their efficacy.
The United States air force issues these sunglasses for free and so they were tagged as Aviator sunglasses. You may also consider getting polarized lenses as they provide extra glare protection and have a special coating protecting lenses against damage from water and oil. Hugo Boss hails from Germany. If you don't receive these along with your purchase, demand a refund. The fully rimmed designer glasses are generally considered to be more durable than other pairs. When choosing sunglasses for you habitually recall that the price is not the cornerstone if it has a good quality. RayBan Sunglasses have time and again proved that their appeal is perennial and timeless. Again, Diesel who is known for their streetsmart designs, creates designer glasses which are effortlessly stylish.
Designer sunglasses in Miami are widely presented in popularsunglasses online store. Visiting designer sunglasses store in Miami will have two benefits at the same time, first is that you will have fashionable accessory and second is that you will get the accessory that will provide you with health protection features and your eyes will be in safe. But, nowadays, they are used to show style and trend. People with wide set eyes are the only ones that should wear heavy frames. Another problem people tend to experience with lesscostly glasses is the need to purchase more due to the lack of quality.
"Aviator" sunglasses became available for purchase to the general public in 1937. In an original Paithani saree, pure silk is used in the weaving of the body and pure gold and silver zari is used in the pallu and the border. The larger the lenses of your sunglasses the better protection it can give. Can and should women wear men's eyewear designs? These metalframed sunglasses have a wrap back sunglasses that ensure complete sun protection.
An eye for sophisticated designs has always been the trademark of DKNY (Donna Karan New York) and her designer glasses are no exception. For the men, Peepers Reading Glasses has them covered too with three line made just for men. Gucci presented the bamboo handle handbag,Cheap Oakleys which was an immediate success. Leading the pack of their designer sunglasses, both in popularity and style, are the "Big Three"  Aviator sunglasses, Navigator sunglasses, and Wayfarer sunglasses. Subdued styles paired with simple dark lenses add instant credibility and class to any man's wardrobe.
Their goal: to protect pilots' eyes from the bright glare experienced at high altitudes. Never use paper towels, cloth towels, or toilet paper on your glasses. Some people still prefer these simple cases that store sunglasses. They are favored among celebrities and fashionistas everywhere. Not only does this reduce the total drying time of the floor by a week, it removes the associated H risks giving rise to trips and falls.

Spring 2011 Trends For Designer oakley sale [oakleyssaleoutlet]22/05/2013 6.35.21
To begin with,oakley sale in cases where your father enjoys video gaming, then what better solution to keep him away of your own video games than getting him a game system? The commonest draw back is that they are off low quality and also don't offer any UV protection. There are many branded oakley sale available in the market and some of them are Dolce Gabbana oakley sale, Christian Dior Eyeglasses, Gucci Eyeglasses, Persol Eyeglasses, Versace Eyeglasses, Bvlgari Eyeglasses, Prada Eyeglasses and many more authentic designer oakley sale to choose from. One thing worms do not like is very high temperatures. Ed Hardy oakley sale have taken the sunglass designer market by storm.
If the seller tries to sweet talk his way out of providing them, then beware, he is one of those shady dealers that everyone warns about. The true invention of oakley sale was somewhere between 1268 and 1289. In no way connected to the original manufacturer, knockoffs are the affordable versions of expensive designer clothing and accessories that celebrities, models, and fashionistas sport in magazines, television, and Melrose Avenue. If the glasses don't have nose pads, you need to look for another pair. Its popularity lows down in the 1970s but it makes a comeback for revival after a decade.
The purchase of designer oakley sale in Miami has to be customized and explained only by your needs and appearance features. They are also featuring buy 1, get one free on designer oakley sale and buy 1, get 1 at 50% off on select Suncare and Self Tanning, Olay complete skincare, and L'Oreal Sublime skincare. Besides, the brand of Dr Dre Headphones Outlet is competent Beats by Dre Cheap. If you have narrow eyes, don't wear heavy frames. How much does laundry detergent cost anyhow?
Finding a pair of stylish shades is as simple as trying on different types and models until you find one you like. Today, the internet has transformed considerably. Take a peek into the slideshow for his racy ad campaign photo. CHANEL Eyeglasses exhibit different eyeglass styles such as the rimless, metal edged, acetate framed and blended acetatemetal framed styles. Green candles are popular among nature lovers, entrepreneurs, and successdriven type of persons.
Calvin Klein frames are highly durable as well as super stylish, which make them a great choice for both professionals and fashionistas. And they are made in Italy using careful precision. Douglas McArthur upon his landing to the Philippine shore. Now pay a visit to these merchants with the most current inpolarized oakley sale, low cost oakley sale, designer oakley sale, wholesale oakley sale, prescription oakley sale, and much more! Branded oakley sale offer authentic Ed Hardy oakley sale, exclusive Ed Hardy oakley sale, discounted Ed Hardy oakley sale, Ed Hardy fashion oakley sale and designer Ed Hardy oakley sale.
Gucci's trendy eyewear are enjoying their success still today. When it comes to fashion it's simply about looking good and being trendy and classy. If you are not comfortable wearing eyeglasses or oakley sale, CHANEL's lenses are also great that also comes in various colors. What concerning Twitter? Hold your oakley sale a few inches away from your face, cover one eye, and move your oakley sale gradually up and down and left and right.
The goggles were quite efficacious; however, they were not favored for use other than in flying as they produced uneven tan lines on the flyboys' faces. They don't make oakley sale to follow the trend, they create oakley sale to set a trend. Bolle also specializes in outdoor and sports eyewear for active adults, this means you are likely to find a pair of oakley sale you love that match your children's eyewear, further inspiring them to wear their glasses whenever possible. If you are not positive what your eye measurement is to help you order the solar glasses appropriately, the guidelines is included at the website online to help you.
People don't mind anymore shelling out extra money to get that celebrity look. The semirimmed frame design adds to the looks of these shades. It's much more simple to have the lenses replaced through the manufacturer than having to rig your glasses yourself. You can find some wonderful discounts online for all your oakley sale. At a factor it referred to the design style of buttons, typefaces and format in basic. As any good marketing professional would testify, this type of internet helps in increasing sales as well as establishing strong client base for a bus . The best heavyweight boxers do not get good by being born with an innate abili . Endeavored to provide the quality products, the company has been satisfying a large number of customers through its unbeatable servic . Being a diverse l . The warranty does not include the rechargeable battery p .

Supermodels trained like elite athletes for 2012 Victoria Secret Fashion Show [Beautiful]13/05/2013 9.49.31
supermodels trained like elite athletes for 2012 victoria secret fashion show I want to thank you for responding to my questions! I looked up some of the problems that you mentioned that could possibly be causing my pain and yes, they do look like they could be a possibility. As far as measures to take care of the pain, the only things that doctors have told me to try things such as an antacid and advil. They have never given or even mentioned any type of special medicine or prescribed medicine. To QVC's credit, both the likes and dislikes are displayed in the user reviews of her collection, helping QVC shoppers to pick wisely. Ms. Vincent's CV black dress with embellished back band is one item that has solicited mixed reviews. If you own a women's apparel business store you are probably very interested to find the best apparel wholesaler. Most such stores do not address to people who are just looking for shopping. They mostly address to store owners who buy large quantities and will re-sell the clothing in their own stores. It is basic nature of a woman to know what kind of clothes to wear, on what is in-season, or on what clothing line is popular when it comes to brands. But the thing about branded clothing lines is the price. Some may find the price of a clothing line to be quite fair, fair because it is a popular clothing line and it deserves to be expensive, but some find it very expensive for a clothing line.. For the ultimate comfort you want to enjoy with your family, friends and loved ones, any kind of leather corner sofa will do the works. Leather, as it is commonly used by designers in their stylish clothing lines, has not only conquered the world of fashion but it also expanded its array into different kinds of furniture bringing comfort to every home. There is really something unique about having a leather corner sofa in the house for they call for style and elegance that never really go out of trend.. The second half of the episode is something of an amusing revenge episode, where a fashion designer uses her social status to continually put down one of her employees. She eventually humiliates him past the point of reason and she decides to fire him. The masked woman shows up as a fortune teller and gives her something of a warning, but she pays little attention and finds herself being kidnapped by her ex-employee. [51] Corsets that were well designed and properly laced both improved a lady's posture and showed her figure off, without the lady putting in much effort.[52] The more fashionable a costume, the more it cost, which played into Louis's cycle of debt. The nobles that wanted to be in his inner circle need the money to be in his inner circle and many would have to ask for Louis's aid to retain their money. The expense of these costumes came, mostly, from the difficulty in making the material and outfits, but every added comfort added cost..

How to Determine If a Fashion Trend Will Work for You [Shop]10/05/2013 14.21.27
How to Determine If a Fashion Trend Will Work for You Many women loathe trendy clothing. Some hate spending money on garments that may eventually feel like wearable embarrassments. Others prefer to stick to eternally classic items and avoid gambling on of-the-moment pieces. A few wish to circumvent the whole "mutton dressed as lamb" thing. All of these constitute logical, reasonable explanations for eschewing trends. But even trend-eschewers, trend-avoiders, and avid trend-haters should consider keeping tabs on current fashion trends. At least on a limited-investment, low-impact level. After all, trends are subject to personal interpretation and can be a catalyst for dressing creatively. The fall/winter season's trends include such broad categories as pant suits, burgundy, military, leather, and winter white. There are as many ways to interpret these trends as there are women in the world! Each trend on the list encompasses a whole universe of garments, accessories, colors, sizes, cuts, fabrics, and styles. Trends in dressing are often conflated with trendy garments. If you don't like printed pants or peplum blouses, then skip 'em. The broader trends, however -- those that describe varied styles of dressing and types of garments -- are often worth investigating and exploring. Why? Because maintaining awareness of trends helps keep your own look current, which is important even if you prefer to stick to the classics. Consider the basic black blazer, an item that 60 bajillion style experts have blessed as a "must-have." Say you invested in a gorgeous Donna Karan blazer in 1983. Would you still wear that blazer today, with its long lines, exaggerated lapels, and enormous shoulder-pads? Shapes change, construction changes, fabric technology changes. And keeping abreast of those changes will help ensure that your style and wardrobe don't appear unintentionally dated. Once you begin monitoring seasonal fashion trends, you may find your interest piqued. Even if you've spent years scoffing at passing fads and feeling sartorially superior, tracking what's hot now may begin to influence you in subtle ways. You may adjust how you style what you already own, or you may feel inspired to haul out an old garment that's been languishing unworn. If a particular trend truly sparks your interest, you may even find yourself excited to the point of considering a trend-driven purchase. If you're standing on the brink, yet feeling hesitant about spending on an item that may lose its lustre quickly, ask yourself these questions: Does it work within your current style? Many women unwittingly shop for their imaginary selves, and trendy items often coax forth ideas about how we wish we could dress. But buying garments and accessories that have no relationship whatsoever to your current dressing preferences, lifestyle, and figure will only lead to buyer's remorse. Before investing in a trend, make sure it will slip seamlessly into your existing wardrobe. Can you envision at least three outfits that incorporate the trendy item? Can you wear this item to the office and on the weekend? Does it work with your current style? Again, there is a difference between a dressing trend and a trendy garment. Trendy pieces that are distinctive, challenging, and showy may be cast aside after a single season's wear, but pieces that fit within trend categories yet are relatively timeless are more likely to endure. Go for the broad strokes: Colors, fibers, and cuts of garment that are deemed "in style" for the season constitute safe bets for the gun-shy. Can you find an affordable version? Items that are trendy now are not actually NEW, they're merely "in favor." And since they've been made, loved, and worn before, that means you can nearly always pick them up used. Consider thrifting for trendy items or hit eBay for an array of used options. If going the used route doesn't thrill you, look to mall stores for affordable iterations of seasonal trends. Celebrities spend big bucks on designer versions of trends, but the rest of us can do it on a budget. Does it align with your personal figure-flattery priorities? Some trends appeal to your eye but fight your figure. If you love the look of midi skirts but wish to create a tall silhouette, you might want to pass. If you adore boyfriend jeans on others but can't make them work yourself, try a different style. You can also consider work-arounds in certain cases. If winter white seems unbearably chic but makes you look like a flu victim, consider a garment that would be worn well away from your complexion or nab an accessory instead. Don't feel confined to options that make you look tall, slim, and hourglass-y only if you've got different figure-flattery goals in mind. Just make sure to seek out trendy items that work with your unique figure in ways that please your eye. Even if you don't give a flying rat's ankle about exploring and interpreting trends on your own, cultivating awareness can sometimes prove useful. Keeping tabs on trends may influence you in tiny, unforeseen ways, keeping your looks current even if you don't consider yourself a trendy dresser. And should you decide to splash out on a trend, ask yourself the four questions outlined above to avoid spending on trends that simply won't work for you. The fewer wearable embarrassments lingering in your closet, the better. I love your intentions. but this article is kinda confusing. Pay attention to trends, even if you're more of a classic dresser. But don't buy things that don't slip seamlesly into your current wardrobe. But something deemewd "in style: by its colore cut or fiber is cool? And then, I should seek out trendy stuff, in my own uniquely figureflatteringway, in a way that pleases my eye. Here's the thing: Sally, I am a fan of yours!!! But your type of fashioon writing does not lend itself to short, pithy, "here's how" and "what not". Your fashion thing is . well, non-reductionist. I think what she means is to pick the trends that you're most comfortable with: For example, if you're coloured more like an Autumn/ Winter, then maybe the fact that burgundy jewel tones are meant to be 'in' this Fall would be a good trendy investment to make? On the other hand, if you're a Spring/ Summer, then sticking to the other 'in' colours like chartreuse or tangerine might look better on you. However, if you don't care about how colours look on you, then it makes no difference! So the reason why Sally's writing has lent itself to 'short, pithy, "here's how" and "what not".' is because it's not that clear-cut, I'm afraid. Like she said, there's a difference between dressing trends specific garment trends. For example, if you like to dress classic/ conservatively in a blouse pants, then why not modernise it a little by adding some of the military detailing that's in, like adding sailor buttons to the waist front? Going for huge changes though, like wide-leg palazzo pants, might verge too far from the classic style aim. At the end of the day, the advice is to 'pay attention' to the trends- but NOT to adopt all of them. The article is more aimed at those who NEVER pay attention to trends (ie- those who have dressed in the same 'classic' style for decades, without incorporating ANY new trends) I hope my explanation makes sense! =]

Lopsided canoeist Mark Oldershaw hungry for redemption [Buy]10/05/2013 11.59.33
lopsided canoeist mark oldershaw hungry for redemption 2. Jewelry: Some of the most eye-catching baubles are made of stuff that had a past life--and many of them can be found on Etsy, a global network of artisans selling handmade works. Take, for example, Wired Originals' dainty pieces fashioned from 100 percent reclaimed silver. Yamanba is now more extreme, and hair is often multicoloured and usually synthetic. 2008's Manba has seen a darker tan, and no facial stickers. Hair is usually neon/bright colours, with pink being a favourite. you dealing with traditional media outlets, such as print magazines, request a media kit, Wacek says. always comes with an audience breakdown. many Web hosts can afford to spend a great deal on marketing, their Web sites become their best salesperson and marketing tool. "The economical and sensible way to do it is to clear and grub the land," said Gennoe. "Hopefully this will be done and the purchase and sale agreement will be signed. Then I can come back to council and request funds to complete the lot. How the Millenium Comes Violently: I really enjoy this book for a number of reasons. First being that i am super interested in cults, mostly american ones, and this book goes through all the most important/weirdest ones. Like why people want to try to better their lives and find spiritual happiness and how the media blows it all out of proportion because god forbid anything should threaten fucking coca-cola and christmas.. Hong said it was too early to tell if Peng high-profile public appearance signaled that she would be playing a more significant role in Chinese politics than her predecessors, who unlike many of their Western counterparts have been largely unseen. good that finally China has a very pretty, very beautiful first lady and she can hopefully speak up for a lot more and complement whatever Xi wants to say, in a way, like all first ladies do. retailers have sought to associate their products with what news portals are terming the Liyuan style, with searches for those key words resulting in lists of handbags and trench coats, many of which did not even resemble the items she wore. From Big Mixed Cabochon Style Stones. to Daring over The Top Rings in Diamante. and Extravagant Chandelier Earrings. Big is beautiful! Although this trend has been with us since late 2011 the big ring is still bang in vogue. Multiple big rings stackable bracelets is a great look. Bling it up with animal, Egyptian or floral motifs.

Milan designers fall back on the classics [Buy]09/05/2013 13.30.30
milan designers fall back on the classics Your clothing will also look better after drying out in the sun. Sunshine is a very powerful stain remover and will get your whites whiter. Unfortunately it will also fade color over time in dark clothing, so don leave it out there any longer than you need to.. Argentina. Armenien. Aruba. Since fashion is often about demise and resurrection, we see the resurgence of Bill Blass with creative director Jeffrey Monteiro at the helm. After the house was stymied and suffocated by a holding company (which also contained Athletes Foot, that ubiquitous mall retailer and fungus), they've found new financing, restructuring and guidance. They're approaching with caution. 4:30 PM to 5 PM: A Reading from Maid Machinegun. Maid Machinegun, a new light novel from Del Rey Manga, follows the misadventures of Aaliyah, a recent recruit at one of Akihabara's busiest Maid Caf s. Momoko is a super-sweet Lolita. 2) A few of the top fashion brands are only sold through brand-owned stores worldwide. Among these are Louis Vuitton and Hermes. There is no way to buy authentic goods of these brands anywhere except at their stores or on their official websites, period. A twist stepper is another type that leads to more abdominal recruitment. Instead of stepping up and down in a normal fashion, the pedals move sideways, causing you twist your torso. This especially recruits the obliques. Acid washed faded jeans and denim jackets in addition to piercing and tattooing were made popular by the music bands. Men started to wear earrings. Hairstyle included a lot of mousse which resulted in a shiny voluminous look. You can also ask your designer to add some pleats which will look like a flowing ribbon for a classy look. You should always buy custom made dress. This gives you a perfect fitting and helps bring out the best in you. Driven by the expectation of the day that Australian academics should earn their stripes overseas, in the 1960s, Dr Cussen, his wife Leonie and family of then five children uprooted and travelled to Cincinatti in the United States, where he worked as Associate Pathologist at the Children's Hospital. While in the US, he also worked at Northwestern University, Chicago, and as Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and Pathology at the University of Cincinatti. The American Academy of Pediatrics recognised his expertise in diseases of the urinary system with invitations to lecture at several conferences.. I also found that if I tell my P even the thoughts I don't think are so serious, he still considers those thoughts along with the "more serious" ones--it sheds some light on where I might be headed in the future and he knows what clues to look for in future meetings and discussions. He takes nothing lightly. He might say that he's that he's not concerned at the present time BUT he follows that statement with "but contact me immediately if it escalates or there is some other change that concerns you".

Lakme Fashion Week Day 3 devoted to men [Shop]05/05/2013 17.46.41
Lakme Fashion Week Day 3 devoted to men SP betrayed minorities, says Beni Prasad VermaMaha API assault: Security of suspended MNS MLA withdrawn'Himmatwala' review: It's deathly dull with puerile humourIPL 6: Five bowlers to watch out for Patiala: Truck occupants thrash policeman to deathBlog: What Arvind Kejriwal should actually fast forMedical negligence: Karnataka govt acts against hospitalNIA to probe Italian marines case, say sourcesDowry case: Ex-Odisha law minister Mohanty, wife arrestedFelt insulted standing before the judge: Musharraf If you thought Indian fashion weeks were predominantly for women, what would you say to a day devoted entirely to menswear? Yes, Day 3 of the Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai saw designers present collections exclusively for men. Wearing suits, sherwanis and shorts, male models took to the ramp sporting accessories like sleek carryalls, satchels and scarfs, We bring you some of the hottest ensembles from the collections of designers Dev R Nil, Zubair Kirmani, Lecoanet Hemant, Raghavendra Rathore, Narendra Kumar and Troy Costa. Designer: Dev R Nil Collection: The Jigsaw Designer: Raghavendra Rathore Collection: The Rathore Nikon Style Sutra inspired by the adventurous male who longs for the great outdoors from dawn to dusk. The designer used linen, cotton, satin cotton and silk blends. Interesting detailing: multiple pockets -- at times nearly a dozen on each garment in different sizes and flaps - geometric, square or round for patched and bellow versions of the pockets.

Jennifer steals the style show as Halle the biggest fashion victim [Shop]05/05/2013 17.41.19
Jennifer steals the style show as Halle the biggest fashion victim But nudes and whites also featured heavily on stars such as Anne Hathaway, Amanda Seyfried, Megan Fox and Jennifer Lopez. Silver Linings Playbook actress Jennifer Lawrence (22) stole the show in a coral organza gown. The Hunger Games star emphasised her slim waist with a metallic belt in the Dior haute couture gown. Also choosing Dior was Oscar-winning actress Marion Cotillard (37) who went for an orange velvet bustier dress with a silver belt as she made her way up the red carpet. New Girl star Zooey Deschanel (32) hit the right note in a brick red strapless Oscar de la Renta gown. And Homeland star Claire Danes (33) showed off her enviable post-baby figure in a scarlet halter dress by Versace. The Impossible actress Naomi Watts (44) wore a long-sleeve, open-back gown by Zac Posen in a deep burgundy colour. Jessica Alba (31) was glowing in a peach Oscar de la Renta gown. The mum-of-two completed her look with a dramatic diamond necklace and a ruffled clutch. It appears that a lot of actresses are following Angelina Jolie's infamous leg-bombing pose at last year's Oscars. Heidi Klum (39) showed off her toned legs in a skintight Elie Saab gown with embellished neckline. Glee star Lea Michele (26) also sizzled in a sequinned white gown with a thigh high slash. Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria's (37) gothic Emilio Pucci dress was a fashion fail. The petite star showed off too much flesh in this backless, frontless lace gown with a thigh high slit. Model turned actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (25) also showed off her toned limbs. Her black dress featured a leather belt, high neck line and daring split. But it was Victoria Secret's model Miranda Kerr who flashed the most flesh. The lingerie model committed a cardinal sin -- showing off too much leg and cleavage in her dangerously revealing plum dress.